An update message from our Managing Director, Nick Stansfield, to our customers – Tuesday 2nd February 2021:

Dear customer,

I hope this finds you in good health and spirits despite the unusual start to the year amidst our third national lockdown in the UK.

Following the positive response we received to our update messages throughout the last year, I wanted to make sure we keep in contact with you all as we continue to negotiate our way through these times of change and challenge.

My update in October touched on the upcoming PSTN Switch Off. Further to this, BT have released a list of exchanges scheduled for upgrade in June and October of this year. Almost 3.5million lines run through the affected exchanges so this could impact hundreds of thousands of businesses sooner than anticipated. We have emailed all customers we know will be affected by these upgrades and the Account Managers are still working their way through to touch base with you (if they haven’t already) ahead of this.

The upgrade is a stop sale on all analogue services and implementation of new circuits to replace the PSTN services being withdrawn. These upgrades will continue until every BT Exchange has transitioned to all-IP service provision before the 2025 deadline.

To give you all the best visibility of the BT upgrades as they roll them out, we have created a useful tool on our website where you can check which BT exchange your services run through and when that exchange is scheduled for update. We will keep this number checker updated as BT announce more exchange upgrades. We invite you to contact us whether your exchange has a date against it or not as there may already be new or improved services and potential cost savings available in your area. We have a designated line for these enquiries so please call 020 3701 9229 to speak to a member of the team regarding this. Alternatively, you can email us at with the subject PSTN Number Check to find out what this means for your organisation and to explore the services available in your area.

Lastly, I’d like to reassure you we are committed to continuing our support to help you remain open or re-open successfully when the time comes. Please do contact the team for any support you may need.

The latest coronavirus advice and support can be found at

Stay safe,

Nick Stansfield
Managing Director
Premier Choice Group

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