An update message from our Senior Management Team to our customers – Monday 25th October 2021 (2-minute read): 

Dear customer, 

We hope this shorter message this month finds you in good health and spirits. 

Following the Senior Management Team’s take-over of this monthly update, we felt we should introduce ourselves as we did Dave. You may have seen our ‘Get to know the SMT’ video series on our social media channels (PCG Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, PPL Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn) but we’ve put them all in one place on our website, which you can see here. We had a lot of fun filming these, and hope you enjoy seeing a more personal side to us as a team!

As the company’s onboarding with Daisy Communications continues, we feel it is important to keep you updated on what has/hasn’t changed or will/won’t be changing in the upcoming weeks. We have created a “snapshot” for the month, detailing what changes we know of, their potential impact, and the effect this will have – you can read our October Snapshot here. We will be reviewing, updating and reissuing this style of update monthly, for as long as we feel it beneficial. For any specific questions you may have, please email your Account Manager.

For our customers operating in healthcare, on October 14th, NHS England and NHS Improvement published a blueprint document outlining their plan for improving access for patients and supporting general practice . One section of this detailed that NHS England will ‘enable and drive full adoption of cloud-based telephony across all practices, as rapidly as possible’. This is great news for GP Surgeries who are looking to address their legacy set-up and make the switch to cloud-based systems – if you or any surgeries you work with are looking to get going with this, please let us know so we can fully support this.

If you need to contact any member of Team PCG, please call us on 020 8300 9495 or email and we’ll gladly help.

Until next time,

Premier Choice Group

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