An update message from our Senior Management Team to our customers – Wednesday 28th September 2022 (2-minute read):

Dear customer,

We hope you made the most of the summer months and as we’re now very much into the autumn season!

It’s finally time to get back on the road after a bit of a break… the healthcare team are at Management in Practice, Newcastle today. Don’t worry if you’re not, head over to our events page to find information about all of our upcoming events or suggest an event that you feel may be beneficial to us, or that we could sponsor. We hope to see you soon!

The next Tranche (Tranche 6) of BT’s exchange upgrades is scheduled for Tuesday 1st November, giving you just over a month to ensure that you are prepared. To find out more please head over to our PSTN Portal or, to see when your exchange is scheduled for update, use our handy Number Checker. Our Business Development Managers are available to audit your current configuration, help you think through your requirements and provide recommendations for moving forward, so don’t hesitate to get in touch should you feel that support is needed.

As always, if you need support from anyone at Team PCG then you can reach out to our support team by calling 020 8300 9495 or emailing

Until next time,

Premier Choice Group

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