Audits: Obtaining clarity around your telecoms configuration and commitments – do you need a telecoms audit? (4-minute read)

All too often we inherit contracts and accounts to look after, or just let our agreements roll. If it was good enough once, it probably still is… right? Not necessarily.

With technology changing all the time, the recommended solution and associated costs provided at the beginning of a contract may not be the best deal further down the line.


Do I need a Telecoms Audit?

Do you know:

  • How much you pay?
  • Who you pay this to? (One supplier vs multiple providers)
  • What you are paying for?
  • What services are available to your organisation that could increase efficiency or save you money?

If you answered ‘no’ to even one of these questions, then you may benefit from an audit.


What does a Premier Audit entail?

One of the first things we do when meeting a potential customer is review their existing set-up; this could be anything from analysing recent bills through to identifying physical hardware inventory. It’s not just a box-ticking exercise – we know every site/account/customer is different, so we tailor the audit to the individual requirements of each client. We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience in auditing telephony estates for both large and small organisations and our audits can include:

  • Account/cost summary – How much are you paying? Who are you paying it to?
  • Bill analysis – What are you paying for? Do you understand the charges on your bill e.g. recurring charges, hardware expenditure, lines and call costs? Are you being billed correctly?
  • Site/Estate visibility – Do you have visibility of your account(s) at all required levels? E.g. Can you see a breakdown per site? Does head office know what’s going on at the branch sites?
  • Contractual obligations – Are you getting everything you signed up for?
  • Expiry dates – Are you tied in to a contract? Do all your provisions expire at the same time?
  • Line profiles – Do you know what each line does?
  • Equipment reviews – Are you making use of all the hardware you purchased? Do you need additional hardware?
  • Integrity checks – Do your bills reflect your line provision and configuration? Are there any duplicate charges?
  • Consolidation – Do you have any services that are no longer in use? Could you streamline existing services to increase efficiency and/or reduce costs?
  • On-site/technical review – Do you know the telecoms infrastructure in your premises? Is your comms room correctly configured
  • Recommendations – Could you improve your existing set up? What services are available to your organisation that could increase efficiency or save you money? Can we help you?

Your specific audit requirements will determine whether this can be carried out from a desktop or whether physical presence is required on-site. Either way, you can be sure to receive a comprehensive set of answers to your questions and an action plan for your next steps whether you choose to progress with your current supplier or with us.


Why Premier Choice?

With almost two decades of experience in B2B telecommunications, we have grown with the technological developments in the industry and see telephony audits as an excellent opportunity for many businesses – the introduction of exciting new possibilities for understanding more, saving money and making the most of organisational resources.

Our existing customers have their accounts reviewed typically on an annual basis but may request a review at any stage of their contract with us. With access to live and historic charges and reports, we can analyse current expenditure and usage to see all account activity. We may discuss organisational goals and what impact any planned changes could have on telecoms requirements. We can also explore any feedback they have received from their callers, or staff, and identify any areas for improvement. Additionally, we advise on industry developments relevant to them and provide recommendations for moving forward.

While this article details the features of our Audits, you can see our full product and service portfolio on our website, all of which is backed up by outstanding Customer Service.


Case Study

Property giant Landsec is a valued Premier Choice customer who have benefitted from our auditing provision amongst other services over the last 15 years:

“Premier go beyond telecommunications and demonstrate a real understanding of the property market. They know it’s not just about building; it’s about buying and selling and being adaptable. They are proactive and reliable and have maintained a level of flexibility that is essential for our business as it flexes and grows. They have been responsive through our acquisitioning and decommissioning of sites and keep us current with the introduction of new technologies as they become available, developing the resilience we require for future-proofing our business.”

Read the full Landsec Case Study here.


Arrange an Audit

If you think you may benefit from a Premier Audit or would like to arrange an Account Review, please call us today on 020 8300 9495 or complete our contact form.

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