Braundton Consulting is about people, and not bits of paper. We’re trying to bring back the old-style way of meeting people and getting to know them individually. Some candidates tell us they send their CVs online to 100 job postings and hear nothing back that it all seems very impersonal. So we have given candidates what they want! We’ve got all the social media and a TV screen in the window, but we don’t let that take away from the personal touch. It’s really about putting people into jobs and really getting to know both the candidates and clients so that they don’t feel up against an online barrier.


My journey with Premier

I met Premier Choice when I first started my business, seven and a half years ago. I started my business from home, had just three months to turn it around and had literally no time to think about anything. I came to Premier asking them to set up my phone and internet. I just needed a safe pair of hands, and what I really liked, is even though I was just a tiny business at that stage, starting from home, starting my journey, I was treated as if I was one of their major clients. Nothing was too much trouble, they explained things simply and that’s how it started!

I moved into a serviced office a few months after that, and they then sorted out my phones and IT and everything with Premier Choice Internet. And now we’ve moved again! We’re in our brand-new office, right by Sidcup Station, just down the road from Premier’s head office. They came in and kitted out everything – the phones, the IT, the TV screen, the cabling – and they project managed it from start to finish. Not only that, the Director of the company came down to visit the office and gave ideas about the layout and things I hadn’t even thought about! With everything they’ve done, they’ve just gone that extra mile.

I originally approached them to help me in terms of setting up my telephones and IT but when Premier came to recruit some very senior posts, I felt really humbled that out of all of the large national recruitment companies on our door step, the owners of the business came to me for support. They realised I understood what the business was about and knew the type of personality that would fit, and I knew I could add the right value. So not only have they supported me but I now support them too!


A lasting partnership

I always recommend Premier. I get loads of calls from telecoms suppliers wanting me to change and I always say, “no way, never”. Once I’ve found a supplier that’s doing an amazing job, locally on my door step, why would I change? If I talk to anyone that’s setting up a business or people who ask me about my phones or computers, I am constantly raving about Premier. If you really want to be looked after, have a one-stop-shop for phones, internet, IT, work with people that really care about what they’re doing, people who make you feel like your business is part of theirs, then definitely go to them, without a doubt.

Working with Premier both as a supplier and a customer has been great as we’ve both seen each other’s journeys and that’s what I love. I’ve seen people I’ve placed grow, and they have seen my business grow! To be able to invite them into my new office, the office of my dreams, and have them sharing my excitement demonstrates that it’s more than just a working relationship now. I am super happy that I’ve stayed with them as they’ve looked after me, and I will totally look after them!


Lisa Murray, Director of Braundton Consulting Ltd
(May 2019)