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Hampton Hill Theatre is a volunteer-run theatre built in 1998 with funding from a lottery grant and donations. The theatre belonging to Teddington Theatre Club founded in 1927, puts on around 10 of its own productions a year, hosts external acting companies and serves as a venue for meetings and private functions.


Our telephony needs

We had a very specific brief to fulfil given that we’re not your typical office set-up. There are about 25 extensions around the premises that bring together all the areas of the site. We also have off-site workers who run the box office remotely when it’s not physically open – this has been the only complication along the way but they’re working on getting it to work how we need it.

The Panasonic system is very versatile and user-friendly, you can do almost anything on it judging by the user manual!


Choosing Premier

We whittled it down from four suppliers to two. I looked on Premier’s website and I knew that they looked after a lot of medical customers. While our needs aren’t like that of a medical practice, that volume of dependency to me meant they must be reliable suppliers. I called some of their existing customers just to see if what they’d said in their reviews was right.

The consultant James had clearly done his homework. He was very user-friendly and clearly knew the system inside out, proposing a solution that exactly matched our needs. Another thing I liked was if I asked him to ring me or send me an email, I got a quick response.

At the end of the day, when it came to making our decision, all things considered, we went with our gut instinct.


Our experience so far

It’s been very straight forward, very easy and several things have really impressed me. The engineers, Steve, Stephen and Rob, were excellent, really conscientious, no shortcuts, just very professional. We had some very specialist requests and they didn’t dismiss them but found a way to make it work for us.

Since then, every time I’ve phoned up, the call always gets answered and quickly too. Everyone is always incredibly polite and helpful, and they always deal with the request straight away, or if they can’t then they keep you updated and call you back after to confirm it’s all done.

The whole thing about any company is how they treat you after they’ve taken your money – the service has been excellent, we’ve been incredibly happy and would happily recommend them.


Harry Jacobs, Teddington Theatre Club
(September 2019)