At Landsec, we own and manage some of the most successful and recognisable property assets across the UK with a diverse mix of offices, retail and leisure within our portfolio. Our goal is to create a great experience for everyone we rely on, from our customers to our communities, partners and employees.


Meeting our requirements

Premier Choice are one of a number of trusted partners that successfully meet the needs of Landsec and have consistently done so for the duration of our relationship. We have been collaborating with them since 2003 in the provision, maintenance, management and billing of our communications across our asset portfolio.

Premier go beyond telecommunications and demonstrate a real understanding of the property market. They know it’s not just about building; it’s about buying and selling and being adaptable. They are proactive and reliable and have maintained a level of flexibility that is essential for our business as it flexes and grows. They have been responsive through our acquisitioning and decommissioning of sites and keep us current with the introduction of new technologies as they become available, developing the resilience we require for future-proofing our business.

Landsec benefit from centralised management and administration and trust Premier to handle any technical issues that arise within their remit. It is essential for us to remain competitive and have transparent processes in place for our customers; Premier accommodate these requirements meaning integrity is maintained throughout. They conduct benchmarking exercises and a full service review every quarter which includes a physical audit for every property before proposing and then implementing the services required. Through this, Premier are able identify redundant and legacy services and produce recommendations including lifecycle planning, ultimately giving us complete visibility of the portfolio at a site level. This means the needs of each property are accurately recognised and we know that we are not receiving a blanket solution; we can be confident that we achieve a consistently high level of managed services and a solution that is right for each individual site.


Why Premier Choice?

We selected Premier Choice as our partner in communications for their size and abilities; they and their services are able to consistently adapt and scale with our constantly changing business needs. They are large enough to excel at what they do yet small enough to give a personal touch. Their professional service provision has always been excellent with consistent engagement and touchpoints – we have had the same team working with us since the relationship began.

I look forward to continual growth together as we both advance in this evolving environment.


Andy Broad, Head of Infrastructure Services at Landsec
(November 2018)