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The Wyvern Health Partnership formed in 2017, bringing together six GP surgeries across Swindon. While two of the super-partnership sites had only recently updated their telephony solutions, Kingswood Surgery, Hawthorn Medical Centre, Lawn Medical Centre and Priory Road Medical Centre made the decision to collectively improve their systems in advance of the ISDN lines going.

This consolidation allows the practices save money whilst supporting each other and providing additional disaster recovery options between sites.


Improvements we’ve made

We’ve chosen features on a site-by-site basis to meet the needs of each practice. Where we now have options, patients like that they can route their own calls or gather the information they need without actually speaking to a receptionist. Also, the receptionists can pre-empt the conversation based on the selection made in the menu which speeds the conversation up and saves time for all involved. The option to cancel appointments is great as again this reduces time spent on the phone and means that appointments can be re-released.

Call recording has been a significant improvement for the sites that didn’t previously have this. Where we’ve got a new Triage Nurse in place, call recording is really important for protecting both the staff and patients. It’s also really helping us in training our staff, listening to calls with individuals or as a team to learn from each other – it’s a really positive tool.


Working with Premier Choice

We did look at other suppliers but Neil was very responsive during our decision-making process and has been present throughout the implementation process – making sure to visit during our installations. There was a really strong disaster recovery plan in place to give us peace of mind – so if anything was to go wrong, we could switch onto the back-up solution with no issues.

At no point have we felt like it wasn’t going to work, we had complete trust in Neil and the team at Premier. The engineers were brilliant – the phone systems were changed over within a couple of minutes and we haven’t had any complaints from the patients regarding the changes we made. The whole team have made the transition process smooth and the additional training and support has really helped embed the new systems.


Wyvern Health Partnership
(October 2019)