Over 40,000 CWU workers, which includes 30,000+ Openreach engineers, have agreed to strike over two 24-hour periods on July 29 and August 1.

Premier Choice Group will do everything it can to minimise the impact of these strikes on our customers. However, please be aware that should any issues arise with your service during strike action, we will be doing everything we can to rectify but may be restricted to ‘best endeavours’ by the network providers.

We will be working closely with our network providers to mitigate risk and will update you should the situation change.

In a statement, BT Group has said: “While we respect the choice of our colleagues who are CWU members to strike, we will work to minimise any disruption and keep our customers and the country connected. We have tried and tested processes for large scale colleague absences to minimise any disruption for our customers and these were proved during the pandemic.”

You can read more about the strike action here, and if you have any issues with your service during strike periods, please call 0333 320 2000.

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