The argument against going “back to work”: we’ve been actively advocating back-to-work support in recent weeks but perhaps there’s another way (4-minute read).

Should we go back to work?

We were all shifted into a remote-working format or a socially distanced version of our usual day-to-day set-up. Government guidance changed daily and a rapid response was required.

We considered our key back-to-work solutions earlier this month, but these turbulent times of change and challenge were unprecedented and unexpected, so maybe our reaction should be too?

We all have the chance to use this situation for the better and do something we’ve not done before; not going “back” to work but instead moving forwards, onwards and upwards!

Where do we go from here?

To prepare for an onward journey, we need to know where we’re starting from. We have a unique opportunity to assess our current situation, equip ourselves with knowledge, plan our rejuvenation and relaunch, ready for the new world that’s evolving around us.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

And how do we obtain that knowledge? An investment of time in a telecoms audit.


We supported customers with our comms contingency plans as the pandemic began but now’s the time to come up with a creative strategy for progression. You may well have changed your set-up reactively or have remote working functionality in place that means some of your workplace equipment and lines are now redundant. A self-audit will help you consider what you have and what you need.

Perhaps start by thinking about the self-audit questions at the bottom of this article. If you answer “no” or aren’t sure on any of these, then you may benefit from a Premier Audit; this will provide clarity around your telecoms configuration and commitments as well as guidance for moving forwards.

What does a Premier Audit entail?

One of the first things we do when working with a customer or prospect is review their existing set-up; this could be anything from analysing recent bills through to identifying physical hardware inventory.

For us, it’s not just a box-ticking exercise – we know every site/account/customer is different, so we tailor the audit to the individual requirements of each client.

We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience in auditing telephony estates for both large and small organisations and our audits can include:

  • Account/cost summary
  • Bill analysis
  • Site/Estate visibility
  • Contractual obligations
  • Expiry dates
  • Line profiles
  • Equipment reviews
  • Integrity checks
  • Consolidation
  • On-site/technical review
  • Recommendations

More detail about our auditing service can be found here.

Will you go “back” to work?

If you’re happy going back to work, we have some key back-to-work solutions to help get you there safely and efficiently.

If you’d like to start planning your onward journey and benefit from a free Premier Audit or Account Review, please complete the self-audit questions below. You can also call us on 0800 048 4666 or email with the subject Premier Audit.

Self-audit questions

Before Coronavirus

As lockdown started

As lockdown lifts

Moving forward



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