A Friday song recommendation from our Field Engineer Manager Steve Necchi – Friday 13th August 2021:

We’re back with another one of Steve’s #FeelGoodFridayChunes! As always, Steve has provided us with a brilliant song and a even better reasoning for his choice. Go ahead and give it a quick read…

Hi you crazy kidz…

FGFC again.

Said I’d go back a few years for this weeks selection, and although its recent history for me, some of you were not even around when this came out so I hope it opens your eyes to what came before the current crop of pop stars!!

This weeks selection is Lovebirds from a band called Dodgy, who you just may know from the monster hit Good Enough, from the album Free Peace Sweet.

I’m going back to their debut album from 3 years earlier where they set their stall out and wore their influences firmly on their sleeve – The Who/CSN&Y (look it up if you don’t know who these are)/The Beatles… On the subject of the Beatles, their album Abbey Road second side (yes kids, we used to have to turn records over back in the day) is about as good as it gets for a series of segued songs, but the 2nd side of aforementioned Free Peace Sweet album gives it a run for its money and I’m a Beatles fan – that’s how good it is!!

So hope you enjoy this collision of vocal melody and harmonies, guitar, bass and drums played just as was intended with passion and joy in equal measure.

Oh, and its another love song at heart..

Have a great weekend and remember in a world where you can be anything; be nice.


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