A Friday song recommendation from our Field Engineer Manager Steve Necchi – Friday 5th November 2021:

It’s that time again! Steve’s given us another of his #FeelGoodFridayChewns and we’re sharing it with you…

FGFC folks.

Was talking to Ben Turner this week about the varying formats that music has been available in over our lifespan’s and we whittled it down to these…

Vinyl; Casette; MiniDisc; Digital Tape (DAT), CD, MP3, Streaming…. quite a few eh?

There’s a brilliant line in Men in Black where Tommy Lee Jones shows Will Smith a new format for music and TLJ says “Means I have to buy the White Album again” (Its one of the Beatles classic albums and you know my love of them….)

We discussed the financial worth of some vinyl we still own and got me thinking about some of the rarer and more valuable single’s I’d love to own. Well, the Beatles aside one would be this absolute beauty of a record: Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do). An original pressing can fetch £100’s even £1000’s!!

Doesn’t need much explaining as to why it’s a FGFC, as from the first notes to the fade out this is a northern soul classic and as perfect as a dance anthem can be.

Hope you all have a great weekend and if at a loss for a couple of hours watch the film Northern Soul – great film about this music scene, the soundtrack littered with classic northern soul songs.

BTW Was talking to BT about this over breakfast and I had eggs benedict; delicious FGFR.


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