A Friday song recommendation from our Field Engineer Manager Steve Necchi – Friday 7th January 2022:

It’s the first Friday of 2022, so what better way to celebrate than with Steve’s first FGFC of the year…

Happy New Year to all FGFC followers…

Hope you all had a nice break.

So thought I’d look at my “Most Played on Spotify 2021” list to see what came up my most played to see if it would work as the inaugural chewn for 2022, and bingo, its an absolute killer.

This week’s choice is ‘Now That I’ve Found You‘ by Liam Gallagher.

Now, I’m not the worlds biggest Oasis fan, thought they were a great rock’n’roll band with tons of attitude and Liam has the voice of his generation though… so imagine my surprise when this turned up as my most played!

I had to learn it as a first dance at a wedding I played last year and couldn’t stop playing it after learning it as I thought it was such an uplifting song.

Hope you enjoy it, and if the bride and groom at who’s wedding I played it at see this, I’m sorry if I played it a little too fast, it’s just I was a little over excited at playing it!!

PS Whoever bought my secret Santa; thank you very much, exactly what I needed and the correct gauge..

Click here to listen to the song and feel free to tweet us and let us know your thoughts!

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