A Friday song recommendation from our Field Engineer Manager Steve Necchi – Friday 27th May 2022:

It may be Friday, but today’s FGFC will have you looking forward to the start of the week…

Hi FGFC listeners…

I used to suffer from Mondayitis (or Monday Blues), which manifested itself with me going to work with a face like thunder and shoulders slumped that took until at least 11am before it subsided, and I went on my merry way through the working week…

But strange things happen to a person through their life, and one that has happened to me is that I now relish Mondays (in fact all days) with 2 simple life hacks:

  1. Every morning I wake up and as my feet touch the floor (could be carpet, grass, wood, pub cellar) I repeat this mantra “today is going to be a great day” – courtesy of B.J Fogg’s book  Tiny Habits
  2. If I ever feel a bit low, I pretend I have a tail like a dog and pretend to wag it, makes me smile and cheers me up every time (recommended this approach during lockdown)

I also love Spotify’s Discover Weekly (which often throws up nuggets of music I’ve never heard) which completes my hat-trick of happiness that you are welcome to use if you ever feel Mondayitis creeping into your life..

So, linking last week’s recommendation featuring Tuesday, todays is another Weekday themed choice that simply must feature Monday… there are a few, but my choice is the uplifting, harmoniously wonderful singing of the Mama’s and the Papa’s which celebrates the day so much that its mentioned twice in the title!

You all know the song Monday, Monday, but immerse yourself in it and you will be rewarded with perhaps life hack number 3 to dealing with Mondayitis!

Have a lovely weekend and see you on the happiest day of the week in 3 days’ time..


Click here to listen to the song and feel free to tweet us and let us know your thoughts!

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