A Friday song recommendation from our Field Engineer Manager Steve Necchi – Friday 13th August 2021:

Every Friday one of our Team PCG members, Steve Necchi, digs through his musical repertoire sends the office a #FeelGoodFridayChewn to lift spirits. This week, we thought we’d share his top pick to brighten everyone’s day.

Hello pop pickers and welcome to #FGFC once again….

Now you all know my love of a good pop song, and it got me thinking what makes a good pop song… well if I knew that I would be living my boyhood ambition of being a reclusive rock star, living on my island and not extolling the virtues of various musical genres!!

One thing is for sure though, a good chorus is always a good place to start… again this got me thinking of all the songs in my Spotify list, which one has the best chorus.

I then twisted my thinking and thought ‘which great songs don’t have a chorus’, and I settled on this piece of groovy genius..

The great Paul Simon and Late in the Evening, which although has a musical motif, does not have any singing in the chorus.

What it does have is the great Steve Gadd on drums laying down the grooviest beat this side of Cuba and the brass section kicking out the chorus – I promise you will be tapping your foot long before Mr Simon starts singing and be very surprised if it doesn’t sit atop “Your Top Songs 2021” Spotify list by the end of the year!!

Go get your boogie on!!

Enjoy the song, the weekend, and a club soda.

Click here to listen to the song and feel free to tweet us and let us know your thoughts!

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