A mini video-series where we introduce you to the current members of our SMT:

As part of National Customer Service Week and National Work Life Week 2021, we interviewed members of our Senior Management Team to give our customers an insight into what happens behind the scenes, as well as the chance to get to know them better! You can watch them all below.

Chanell Horton, Billing and Operations Manager

In this video, Chanell talks to us about her role within the company as well as answering a few bonus questions to give everyone an opportunity to get to know her better!

James Gargaro, Sales Manager

Meet our Sales Manager James, who we asked about ensuring quality customer service at all times. This has been increasingly important over the past year, as the world of work has gone through so many changes.

Jacob Brown, Technical Manager

On day three of #NCSW21, we speak to our Technical Manager, Jacob, about his role in making sure our products and services are constantly reviewed, improved, and upgraded. As always, we hope you enjoy getting to know him a little bit better!

Ben Turner, Customer Service and Experience Manager

For the final day of #NCSW21, we caught up with our Customer Service and Experience Manager, Ben, on his priorities when it comes to providing great customer service at all times!

Jo Connell-Laffar, Head of Client Services

As part of National Work Life week, Jo talks to us about all the changes that we’ve seen in our company culture over the past two years.

Nicky Dhanjal, Finance Manager

We got to know our Finance Manager, Nicky, from the comfort of her own home! Her team has faced many changes in the way they work, which Nicky tells us all about in this video.

Steve Necchi, Field Engineer Manager

The man behind our Feel Good Friday Chewns – our Field Engineer Manager, Steve – spoke to us whilst on site! His job involves a lot of travelling, and here he tells us how this is managed to maintain a strong work-life balance for all our engineers.

Lizzie Fagg, Marketing Manager

Filmed behind the scenes at the Best Practice event in Birmingham, our Marketing Manager, Lizzie, explained to us how the pandemic affected her work and how she’s bounced back.

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