Review the following user types and features to design your personalised Pure Hosted package


Ideal for areas that require a basic communications service e.g. a lobby or meeting room phone.

What's included?
From £7.99


Ideal for users that work from a single fixed desk and geographic location with occasional homeworking.

  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
and more
From £12.99


Ideal for users that roam around the office or work from multiple locations.

  • Smartphone Apps
  • Hot Desking
and more
From £17.99

Prices listed are per user per month. All pricing is subject to Premier Choice Fibre Broadband, Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) and Line Rental.

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What’s included?

The below features come as standard with all user types unless specified

Inclusive features*

  • 5000 minutes of calls to UK 01/02/03 numbers
  • 2000 minutes of calls to major UK Mobiles**
  • Free Polycom or Yealink Handset***
  • Auto Attendant x 1 per site
  • Holiday Schedules
  • Hunt Groups
  • Company Contacts
  • Voicemail (excl. Functional Users)
  • Fraud Management
  • 24x7x365 network monitoring
  • End-to-end Service
  • Hot-desking
* There are many more features available but the above represent some of the most commonly requested functionality
** 3 Mobile minutes will be no more than 15% of the total Geographic Minutes
*** Applies to contracts with a minimum of 2-years only

Optional extras

User add-ons for Fixed and Mobile Users

  • Call recording User with 30 days storage and/or 600 minutes
  • Call Centre Agenti
  • Call Centre Supervisori
  • Busy Lamp Fieldi
  • E:fax Messagingi
  • Reception Console up to 30 Usersi
  • Reception Console up to 250 Usersi
  • Call Analytics Basic – Supervisori
  • Call Analytics Basic – Monitored Useri
  • Call Analytics Advanced – Supervisori
  • Call Analytics Advanced – Monitored Useri
  • Call Analytics Advanced – Console Useri
  • Call Analytics Premier – Supervisori
  • Call Analytics Premier – Monitored Useri
  • Call Analytics Premier – Contact Centre Agenti
  • Call Analytics Dashboard Supervisori
  • UC Office Desktopi
  • UC Teami
  • CRM Litei
  • CRM Connect****i
**** Non-approved CRM systems will require integration which will incur an additional 0ne-off charge subject to site survey. CRM Connect user licenses will then be required for each user who requires this functionality

Company Features

  • Call Analytics Basic Set-upi
  • Call Analytics Advanced Set-upi
  • Call Analytics Premier Set-upi

Site Features

  • Call Recording 180 days storage (per GB)
  • Call Recording 7-year storage (per GB)
  • Auto Attendant (Additional)i
  • Call Centre ACD (per ACD queue)i

Support options

  • On-site User Trainingi
  • Call Analytics Supervisor Trainingi
  • Essential Support Packagei
  • Total Service packagei
  • Site Surveyi
  • On-site Engineering Support and installationi

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