Rage against the machines: Where are the humans when the computers say “no”? (4-minute read)

Where is everybody?

So much of what we do seems to be driven by machines, through our laptops and mobiles with as little human connection as possible; mass-produced content, generic emails, automated website confirmations, text updates. We’re provided with our order number and a tracking code so we can cut out humans…

While there are many benefits to this, such as instantaneous responses and access to information, what happens when the machines can’t tell us what we need to know or don’t understand what we’re trying to achieve?

Artificial unintelligence

Increasingly with larger organisations, you call up and hit an automated message that asks you to “describe in just a few words the reason for your call”. The voice recognition is usually fairly accurate – so long as your enquiry is simple or a known topic of contact – but it can be infuriating if you don’t fit into one of their predetermined boxes! And worse still, they then play a pre-recorded message about a high volume of calls, direct you to their website and cut you off!

When the Artificial Intelligence (AI) works, it’s brilliant. But do you want to spend your life interacting with machines or is it better to have this blended with the support and understanding of an actual person?

Maybe you can’t remember the time where you could phone up and talk to a real person and have the confidence that your problem was going to be sorted, even get a call back to confirm completion or updates along the way.

The human touch

One of our Directors, Neil Redding, was speaking to a new customer recently and asked them why they chose to place an order with us and not stay with their incumbent supplier. Their answer was “you have to log a fault by email, they do not take calls over the phone, and even though you get a ticket it just confirms that your email has been put in a queue”.

When this customer took up references, they told us one customer said “we love Premier, you can either email the fault or speak to a real person. Sometimes when things don’t go to plan, you just want to scream ‘HELP!’ to express how important resolving the issue is and find out what is going to be done.”

We also heard from a former customer whose governing body moved them to a new supplier against their will, and there was no engineering or on-site training – the kit was delivered, they had to plug it in themselves and wait for a basic online training session!

We do have an email ticketing system as we’ve found this is an efficient way of prioritising enquiries and providing speedy resolutions, but we also have a company full of friendly and helpful staff who are available on the other end of the phone if you ever need to call or want to speak directly to a person. Additionally, our active team of Field Engineers span the country and will visit your site as required for survey, installation, maintenance and training. We firmly believe this personal touch is what sets us apart.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s just some of the five-star feedback we’ve received earlier this year from a few happy customers:

Fantastic service as ever. Very quick response which helped me to solve a patient problem.
Jenner Medical Practice, Peterborough, April 2021

Great comms on keeping us updated throughout. Thank you!
Clarins Uk, London, April 2021

I found the response from Lenn to be very efficient and very quick to respond to my questions. Overall was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Hampton Primary School, Kent, March 2021

Neel has been excellent throughout all the install process and dealing with any issues afterwards.”
Roehampton Club, London, April 2021

Absolutely superb service. Needed support and guidance on a particular issue. Nothing was too much trouble.
Woodcote Group Practice, Surrey, April 2021

Good and prompt communication!
Greenwich Mencap, March 2021

Cheap and not cheerful

Neil is a driving force behind continually improving the customer experience here at Premier Choice and added “you can search online for the cheapest deal, but life will always remind us why it was the cheapest deal. When it goes wrong or the goods have not turned up, you can’t speak to anyone, you can only email. Be very careful when you make your next order, it might be cheap but cheap can mean no human contact…”

Next Steps

Should you wish to switch to a company that prides itself on its customer service, providing human touchpoints and a 24x7x365 in-house Service Desk, please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8300 9495 – we’ll be ready to take your call. However, if email is your preferred method of contact, feel free to email us at info@premierchoicegroup.com or complete our contact form.