The back-to-work toolkit: We shortlist the most-requested solutions as our customers negotiate their post-lockdown route back to the workplace (4-minute read).

Heading back to work?

While phones and video calling are keeping us together whilst apart, we need to make sure we have measures in place to keep us apart when together! We have some key solutions to keep you safe and productive:

✓   Thermal cameras

✓   Flow management

✓   Unified communications

✓   Workspace shuffle support

Need more information on the above? Read on or let us know, we’re here to help!

Thermal Cameras:

Protect your premises and personnel with this non-contact method of reading body temperatures in real time:

  • Non-contact body temperature readings, avoiding unnecessary physical contact
  • Accurate to within ± 0.3˚C (in conjunction with a calibration device)
  • Detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate fever
  • Visual and audio alerts for abnormal temperature readings
  • Instrumental in track and trace of individuals
  • Efficient with readings in a second
  • Capable of multiple simultaneous readings within target zone

The addition of a thermal camera inside a site will enable safe screening of staff, clients, customers and guests on entry. While the camera cannot detect a fever or diagnose an illness, it will alert you to their elevated body temperature. You can then apply your own process for dealing with these individuals, minimising contamination at your site and mitigating risks of that person coming into contact with others present.

Please note, there is no such thing as a fever detection camera: read our exposé of the “fever detection” myth to find out why.

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Flow management:

Monitor and manage the number of individuals on site or within an area with our people counting devices:

  • Counts individuals in and out at key access points separately
  • Single and multi-door functionality
  • Key for density control
  • Supports real-time uploading
  • Capable of target filtering by height
  • Reporting features

People counting can help to control the numbers in the building, therefore protecting the individuals on site by preventing over-crowding and enabling safe social distancing.

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Unified communications:

Transition seamlessly between your home office and the workplace with our mobile and desktop apps:

  • Enable flexible and remote working
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Present the business number when dialling out
  • Record all calls
  • Conference and video calling
  • Ensure business continuity with multiple layers of disaster recovery

If you are moving to rotating staff on shift patterns or need to be flexible between home and the office, our desktop and mobile apps can provide a streamlined solution with a single interface.

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Workspace shuffle support:

Request support with your comms set-up or equipment as you create or enable socially distanced workstations:

  • Remove the diverts put in place as we went into lockdown
  • Reposition phones to make socially distanced workstations
  • Recable phones where desks have been moved
  • Request additional lines/numbers and equipment

We’re all going to need to explore what’s safe and sensible and adjust to the new normal. If you need support with your back-to-work preparations, please let us know!

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Our commitment to business continuity:

We are still here!
We’re still fully operational with ‘business as usual’ for almost all aspects of our service.

Our Engineers are still in the field!
With the well-being and safety of our staff and community at the forefront, our Engineers are still providing essential maintenance and installations with strict precautionary measures in place and their processes under constant review. In fact, during lockdown, the team have supported over 200 customer sites and travelled more than 25,000 miles across the country to do so!

Ongoing support as standard!
Our Service Desk Engineers are working around the clock to keep on top of our customer requests for support and they are responding to and resolving these at an incredible pace.

We can help!
We want to provide you with the tools to continue or return to work whilst operating safely. Our Business Development Team are on hand to take any enquiries you may have – please reach out to them on 0800 048 4666, by completing our contact form or by emailing with the subject Back to Work.

Further information

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