Closing the digital divide: Team PCG’s second step challenge raised money to support #Kit4Kids projects bringing laptops to learners in the community! (2-minute read)

Earlier this year, Team PCG stepped it up with another team charity challenge! Different from last year’s step challenge, this time we split into teams and raced head-to-head to be the front runners whilst aiming for a collective fundraising target. Ofcom estimates that 1.8 million children still don’t have access to online learning, due to a lack of access to digital devices or wifi. We wanted to help close the divide by raising money to support those schools in need. We were aiming to raise £2800 which would be donated to schools raising money for devices on the Rocketfund portal!

The challenge ran for three weeks with two teams, Fat Cats and Latitude with Attitude, giving it their all. Our Directors, Nick and Neil, aka The Ns, worked hard to keep the teams on their toes by challenging the average step count!

Firstly, thank you and well done to everyone who participated – there was a massive and consistent effort from both teams, spurred on by the Ns!

BIG CONGRATS to the Fat Cats for holding on to their early lead and finishing top of the table with over 1million steps!!!

Latitude with Attitude did a great job racking up the best team day with their final push hitting 86,155!

Shout out to Chanell (Team: Fat Cats) for achieving the top player step count, amassing 251,658 on her own over the 15 days (that’s an average of 16,777 per day)!

Thank you to our community – friends, family, colleagues and customers – for your kind support and the funds donated. We didn’t quite hit our target but with these generous donations, we were able to support the following projects:

  • Lambeth Digital Inclusion Fund – we donated £500 to the Lambeth Appeal (which will be matched by Impact on Urban Health) meaning the project will receive £1000 towards helping children and young people who are digitally excluded to get online.
  • Drymen Primary School – we donated £390 to this cause so they hit their target total, enabling them to kit out their Technology Hub with tablets to provide fun opportunities for creative learning experiences.
  • Lewisham Learning in London – we donated £1135 to this project which will provide wifi and laptops for 5 pupils in Lewisham in this ongoing time of need.

We were also able to cover the platform’s admin fees for these donations meaning the full amount will be received by the projects.

Let us know if you have an idea of an activity for Team PCG to tackle or cause in mind for us to support – let’s see where our next charity challenge takes us!


Thanks again for your support! ♥

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