Premier Fixed Line can be either analogue or digital.

Our Analogue solution gives you a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) solution, using standard telephone lines.

Premier Fixed Line offers an Integrated Services Digital Network 2 (ISDN2) for standard voice and data, copper wire digital communications across two 64kbit/s channels. For premium digital connectivity, choose ISDN30 and enjoy voice and data delivered over thirty 64kbit/s channels.

Whichever option you install, you’ll receive comprehensive connectivity for traditional PBX, fax machines, lifts and alarm monitoring which can be upgraded and adapted as your commercial needs evolve. Our friendly professional team can help you with this, and ensure you get the best service for the lowest cost.

Why Fixed line?

  • Choose from analogue or digital voice and data connectivity
  • Low cost, scalable solution
  • Save money on calls for your usage
  • Benefit from bill analysis and advice