Hosted is now the default for many businesses. Available, scalable and secure communications infrastructure is a must-have for organisations of all sizes. Hosted Services have introduced exciting new possibilities for achieving more, saving money and making the most of resources. With information volumes rapidly increasing, and an insatiable demand for devices and bandwidth, choosing the right solution can sometimes be challenging.

Pure Hosted is made up of two solutions – Hosted and SIP Trunking. Pure Hosted is our cloud PBX telephony solution that replaces an onsite PBX using IP, moving businesses from an onsite deployment to a cloud solution. SIP Trunking is an onsite PBX solution that replaces the legacy ISDN connection using IP – a business’ onsite deployment is retained and they can start to take advantage of features from the cloud.

Pure Hosted utilises both solutions to create a unique Unified Communications proposition, combining elements of both so you can enjoy advanced communications methods.

Because it’s a cloud service, our Pure Hosted Service can scale on demand in line with your business needs, without stretching your budget. You can introduce new technologies and features as they come online to maintain competitive advantage with minimal disruption.


  • Fast, easy set-up and fully hosted
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Managed service option
  • Built-in business continuity
  • Introduce next generation Unified Communications (UC) features.