Whatever the size or shape of your organisation, Premier Choice Group is ready to help with industry-leading voice and data services from our Technology and Network Partners. Taking advantage of the latest technology will give you cost-effective communications that make employees’ working lives easier while enabling them to do more.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll help you integrate it into your existing infrastructure, or install it as a brand new solution. It’s up to you.

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What people are saying

January 2018: Brilliant service again! We’ve used Premier in two other surgeries which is why I used them Danny was lovely and took us through the order for our new system and moving our lines and calls over. The engineers were lovely, brilliant – I can’t fault them. We didn’t even notice the switchover and there was no downtime. There are a few small things that still need to be done but we have spoken to Matt who is dealing with this.

Bath Lodge

We have dealt with Premier for the last 3 years and have always had an excellent standard of service from you. Your whole team are very professional in their approach.

Court View Surgery

January 2018: We’ve just switched our lines and calls over to PPL and got a new system too. The whole process was painless and James was great. The engineers were great although we do have one thing outstanding but they are sorting this for us. As promised, the switch-over was painless and there was no downtime – I blinked and it was done.

Cranleigh Medical Centre, Surrey

January 2018: We met Premier Patient Line at Management in Practice in October and Danny came to see us soon after to take us through the order process which couldn’t be any easier. The engineers were lovely and even gave us a fuse for one of our plugs which was very handy! All the work was completed and there was no downtime when we switched over. We’ve had a great experience with them and they offer a really good service.

Elsdale Street Surgery, London

My requirements were followed to the letter and the financial arrangements were simplistic making it easy to present to the Governing Body and also to budget for! A huge thank you to Dave (the engineer) and James Gargaro (Sales Executive) for a smooth, pleasant yet totally professional experience – 10 out of 10!

Henwick Primary School

November 2017: We would definitely recommend Premier after our recent experience with them. James set everything up and took us through the order process which was all fine. We’re still waiting for our SIP line but the engineer Ian did everything else, explained it all to us and the switch over was very smooth.

Modern Medical, Essex

January 2018: My surgery signed up with Premier Patient Line in August 2016 but we added call recording to our practice at the end of 2017. Mark came back and took us through the order process which was fine. The engineers completed all the work as expected and we had a little downtime but we were advised of this.

Plumstead Health Centre

October 2017: We have just had a new system put in and the installation went very smoothly with Steve and Neel. Neel in particular was very good couldn’t do enough for us and put up with a lot from us and is still helping us now. There was never a problem when we had any queries. Gareth has been great and bent over backwards for us too.

Quorn Medical Centre, Leicestershire

Premier Choice installed a new phone system, billing software, transferred lines and calls and we were thoroughly impressed with the ease in which they did it. We now have a fully integrated system that’s saving us money and has increased customer satisfaction. I was also pleased with the training given to my staff which meant they knew how to optimise the use of our new technology.

Ramada Hotel

November 2017: We’ve had a great experience with Premier Patient Line. James was brilliant, very easy to talk to. Our engineers were great and all the work has been completed – Rob was excellent. We didn’t have any downtime during the switch over and we haven’t had any problems since. So far so good!

St Katherine’s Dock Practice, London

October 2017: James organised our installation for us and the order process was very good. We couldn’t be happier with the installation. Our engineers, Tony and Ian, were great and very helpful in explaining everything we needed know. If we weren’t sure about something, they would explain it again until I was happy with it. We did experience some issues in the switch over but this was the BT Openreach engineer, not Premier Patient Line. The engineers were very accommodating and they made sure we were happy with everything before they left.

Thanet Road Surgery, Kent

January 2018: We joined Premier Choice in 2015 but we’ve just added call recording with our new account manager Dan P who was fabulous! The engineers were very good. We had a little confusion after the install as we thought they were coming back but then they didn’t need to. We need a bit more training on the system and some of the messages need changing but they will get this sorted for us. Other than that it’s been very good and the service they have provided has always been good. We would recommend them to anyone, whenever I go to forums and someone else is looking at telecoms I always recommend Premier.

The Devonshire Practice, Southsea

November 2017: We’ve just had 4 sites taken over by Premier. The order process was good but there was a bit of confusion with regards to how many systems had been ordered. There was also a bit of a mix up with delivery on the headsets. The work wasn’t quite up to our expectations and Premier will have to come back to make some changes and give us some training on call recording. However, the engineers were very good and there wasn’t any downtime when we switched over. The communication between head office and the engineers wasn’t great which was a shame. The installation didn’t go perfectly but overall we’re happy.

The Parks, Blisworth, Northamptonshire

January 2018: We upgraded to a new system at the end of 2017. Our account manager Dan was no problem, the engineers were great and all work is complete. I don’t think there was any downtime but I wasn’t in. We joined Premier in 2013 so have been with them for a while now and happy to rate them 5 stars.

The Snaith & Rawcliffe, Humberside

October 2017: We’ve been with Premier for almost 10 years now and have just had a new system put in. Dan was excellent and the order process was brilliant. The installation went well and Rob was great. We had a straightforward switchover with no downtime. Everyone was great and we would recommend Premier, we have always got on well with them!

The Surgery, Chilham, Kent

January 2018: We recently switched over to Premier Patient Line to help us cut costs and it couldn’t have gone any smoother. Mark took us through the order process which was wonderful and so far the installation has been completed in line with our expectations. The engineers (Rob, Reece and Mick) are very nice and have been fantastic throughout, and we didn’t have any disruption. 5 stars!

Tower House Surgery, Isle of Wight

We would inform you that since we changed from British Telecom to Premier Choice in 2008, we confirm that we are very happy with the service that you have provided to us and also that you have been very helpful in assisting us.

Watling Medical Centre

January 2018: We’ve had excellent service from start to finish! All the work has been completed but they are coming back to do the SIP port. We did have some minor downtime but they did have a lot to do as the BT box was a mess so I wasn’t surprised. James was brilliant and the engineers were excellent.

Witley & Milford Medical Partnership, Surrey

January 2018: We’d rate premier 5 stars after our experience with them. We joined in 2015 but just added call recording. Marie sorted the contract with us which was fine. The engineers were very helpful and kept us up to date but we’re still waiting for some training. There was a little bit of downtime but it didn’t impact the surgery at all.

Wolverly Surgery, Kidderminster