Our Premier Integration range provides a powerful integration tool capable of seamlessly bringing together your business and telecoms data in real-time.

With the software in place, caller details are displayed as the incoming call is received which removes the need to collect this data manually – just a simple verification will suffice. By knowing who the caller is before answering, you can offer a more personalised service if appropriate for your business.

Outbound calls can be made automatically from the database or application which speeds up the connection and prevents misdialling. Prompts can be added to the callers’ profile to encourage reactive data cleansing at the next point of contact; or users can be proactive in updating details and adding notes to the caller’s profile as they go. If the call needs to be transferred, all the caller’s details and notes are shared with your colleague to ensure they are equipped to continue the conversation.

These features enable your organisation to cut down call handling time and increase staff productivity, which in turn can reduce operational costs.

Benefits include

  • Reduce call handling time and operational costs
  • Improve and personalise service
  • Increase productivity and maximise opportunities
  • Enable reactive and encourage proactive data cleansing