WiFi has become a staple part of any office environment. However, as you may have experienced, it can vary significantly in quality and reliability. Premier Choice Group can ensure you benefit from the right WiFi solution for your business. Cost-effective and tailored to suit your organisation’s size, usage and location, our Business WiFi gives you convenience, flexibility and freedom whenever you need it.

From stand-alone connectivity for guests and visitors, to comprehensive, fully managed wireless networking across multiple sites, we’ll work closely with you to provide WiFi that keeps you productive and never lets you down.

What’s more, when you choose a manage service, we can also help assess usage and performance by providing insightful, real-time analytics and marketing that will help you make best use of your physical space.


  • High performance, coverage and security
  • Built for your business
  • Site wide coverage, with load balancing to ensure consistent performance and multiple access points for greater flexibility
  • User monitoring and reporting in real-time
  • No special hardware or dedicated controllers required
  • Fully scalable