See the latest announcements regarding the PSTN Switch Off (1-minute read)

BT are rolling out exchange upgrades up and down the UK. See below for the latest set of announced changes.

Scheduled Upgrades

  • Tranche 1a: scheduled for 29/06/2021
  • Tranche 1b and 2: scheduled for 05/10/2021
  • Tranche 3: scheduled for 25/01/2022
  • Tranche 4: scheduled for 29/04/2022 

Over 5 million lines run through these exchanges so this could affect hundreds of thousands of businesses sooner than anticipated. The upgrade is a stop sale on all analogue services and implementation of new circuits to replace the PSTN services. These upgrades will continue until every BT Exchange has transitioned to all-IP service provision before the 2025 deadline.

As so many businesses are looking to get ahead of the PSTN Switch Off, we have created a useful tool where you can check which BT exchange your services run through and when that exchange is scheduled for update.

Check your organisation’s number here.


Still not sure what the PSTN Switch Off is?

The ‘Switch Off’ will force users to upgrade to digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony solutions and address their broadband services in many instances. Read the full breakdown here.

What next?

You’re welcome to use our Exchange Upgrade Number Checker, or feel free to just get in touch with us! Our Business Development Managers are available to audit your current configuration, help you think through your requirements and provide recommendations for moving forward.

To ask for advice, or arrange a no-obligation consultation, please call us today on 020 3701 9229, email with the subject ‘PSTN Switch Off‘ or complete our contact form.

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