Who dreads 8am more, your reception team or your patients?

Manic mornings are an age-old problem, but the solution to a smoother patient experience, and more efficient running of your practice, is within reach.

Introducing intelligent Call Queueing:

  • Intelligent Cloud QueueingNo engaged tone or continual ringing
  • Every call gets through
  • Never run out of lines
  • Patients can hear their queue position
  • Provide information about your practice, specific services or clinics
  • Allow callers to route their own calls

Our Call Queueing solution is an excellent product that brings together effective call queueing and detailed visibility of call traffic. You may know how many calls you receive each day, but do you know how many calls don’t get through? We can show you the complete picture, giving you a full understanding of caller demands; including the number of calls received, peak call times and the average time you take to answer. What’s more, we can provide this information in real-time, so you can quickly flex your resourcing when you need to.

Patients will see a noticeable difference in service, with calls being answered promptly and professionally, whilst relieving the pressures on your reception team.

Pure ICQ can be applied to any system (even those utilising the ISDN network) as a stand-alone service enabling the handling of more calls whilst relieving pressure on the call handlers.

What next?

If you would like further information then please complete our contact form or call us on 0800 048 4666.

Please do not be put off by the fact that you may be in contract with another supplier as we can work with you if you wish to improve your solution.

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