Our Premier Integration solution works by bringing together your telephone system and clinical information systems, meaning you benefit from fully integrated communications that improve efficiency across the board.

Streamlined Service

Each time an incoming call is answered, the convenient Premier Integration dashboard opens to provide you with valuable additional demographic information about your caller; you have the option to perform a clinical systems search for them. You can also view information about other patients living at the same address, which makes it easier for the person answering the call to identify which person is calling them.

Simplified Data Management

As patient contact numbers change, update them easily using the ‘Manage New Number’ facility, to ensure you always have the latest information immediately to hand. Premier Integration also provides you with important alerts for at risk, vulnerable and housebound patients, as well as clinical information about variables like flu jabs, smoking status and targeted condition reviews.

A Feature-rich Solution

With Premier Integration, practices can experience the following functionality and benefits:

Automated Call Handling

Incoming Calls

  • Instant caller recognition
  • Discrete on-screen notification
  • Dashboard opens on answer
  • Select caller and automatic selection in clinical system
  • Caller information – bespoke notes and historical data
  • New number capture – optional audit trail and reporting*

Outbound features

  • Click on screen to dial – never misdial*
  • Follow-up SMS if the call is missed*
  • Click to send SMS – create and use standard templates

Contact Management

  • Signposting for call handlers to priority alerts in clinical system during calls
  • Enables reactive and pro-active data cleansing (add/amend patient data)
  • Update patient records to support cost targets
  • Mobile number validation (pro-active annual check)*
  • Storage of all other non-patient contacts (hospitals, pharmacies, suppliers etc.)

Other Functionality

  • On-screen extension status
  • Internal instant messaging
  • Improved internal communications
  • Call logs including missed calls

*essential for telephone triage/consultation

Interested in finding out more?

We’d love to show you what this powerful tool can do and how your surgery will benefit from the improved efficiencies it delivers. For a free remote demo, please complete our contact form or call us on 0800 048 4666 to speak to a member of the team.

Solution Benefits

  • Enriched patient data
  • Improved caller experience
  • Less time handling calls
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Enhanced practice efficiency
  • Reduced costs
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