The difference our Step Challenge made: we received a letter from NHS Charities Together thanking us for our efforts in the step challenge! (2-minute read)

Back in April/May, when we were all under the ‘only 1 hour outdoors per day’ restriction, we embarked on a massive Step Challenge, aiming to take 1 million steps in 9 days – the length of time it took to build the Nightingale Hospital at the ExCeL – with a fundraising goal of 1p per step.

The team smashed the initial target after just 4 days and so we doubled down! At the end of the challenge we’d amassed a whopping 2,001,057 steps and raised an incredible £14,816.73 for NHS Charities Together!

Last week, while we were celebrating our 20th Anniversary, we received this lovely letter of thanks from NHS Charities Together and we wanted to share it with you as as our sponsors:

Thank You Letter from NHS Charities Together


We are so grateful for the sponsorship we received from our friends, family, colleagues, customers, business contacts, partner organisations and suppliers, as well as the massive contribution from Premier Choice Group in support of the staff, and we just wanted to say:

Thanks again for your support! ♥

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