Business telecoms: We shortlist the three most common topics brought up by businesses looking for communications solutions. (4-minute read)

We returned to the Kent Event Centre in Detling earlier this month to bring our expertise to organisations spanning Kent and the South East at Business Vision LIVE. With over 200 exhibitors and around 3000 delegates in attendance, it was a great opportunity to attend seminars and workshops as well as network with business professionals from across the region.

The conversations we had 20 years ago are certainly different in terms of the technologies available, yet the organisational goals remain unchanged:

  • Provide the best user experience
  • Reduce missed opportunities
  • Improve business outcomes

We’ve collated our top three most talked about topics from our conversations on the day to highlight what’s of interest to businesses at the moment.

1. Connectivity:

While internet access is important to almost every business, for most it is mission critical. There are various business grade internet solutions available but our connectivity recommendations are based around each customer’s specific requirements. The geographic spread of Fibre is improving but there are still some locations where this isn’t available and ADSL simply isn’t good enough.

There’s an expectation of complete WiFi coverage and our devices are constantly uploading, therefore businesses are increasingly opting for Leased Lines; private symmetrical data circuits with market-leading SLAs. Hotels, for example, utilise Leased Lines to facilitate exceptional guest WiFi without drops or dead spots. With fast, equal and uncontended upload and download speeds, Leased Lines are an excellent option for businesses who can’t afford to be offline.

2. Business Mobiles:

Workers aren’t tied to their desks, restricted to fixed premises or even sticking to typical office hours – business is truly constant and must be portable. When it comes to choosing Business Mobiles, there are so many mobile handsets, networks, tariffs and services available in the market, so we know it can be difficult to know which package is right for your business. We’re impartial so customers can trust us to advise them purely with their business performance in mind. We work with them to create the perfect mobile solution, including everything from SIM-only, handsets and handset leases, with clear and simple billing.

To add to this:

    • Our Unified Communications software means that users benefit from one interface across all devices and can provide a consistent presentation to their callers wherever they may be.
    • We also provide the tools for Mobile Device Management (MDM) which enables remote access, centralised security and control over the sharing of data whether the device is provided by the company or if employees are using their own.
    • Customers are also supported with Mobile Roaming packages for when they take their device(s) overseas.

3. Audits:

We all too often encounter businesses that have inherited contracts or are servicing legacy equipment when a system upgrade might improve their service and reduce expenditure. For this reason, one of the first things we do when meeting a potential customer is review their existing set-up; this could be anything from analysing recent bills through to identifying physical hardware inventory. It’s not just a box-ticking exercise – we know every site/account/customer is different, so we tailor the audit to the individual requirements of each client.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure companies are able to align their communications solution to their broader business objectives.

We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience in auditing telephony estates for both large and small organisations. Please read our Audits article from earlier this year which details the particulars of our Audit service.


Premier Choice have amassed vast experience in business telecoms over the last two decades working with sole traders and partnerships up to SMEs and large multi-site corporations. Our company has grown year-on-year in terms of experience, personnel, geographic presence and portfolio offerings in order to keep afloat with industry progression and increasing customer demands.


Need help with your business telecoms?

If you would like to discuss your Connectivity options, look into Business Mobiles or discover how you could benefit from a Premier Audit, please call us today on 020 8300 9495 or complete our contact form. Please do not be put off by the fact that you may be in contract with another supplier as we can still work with you if you wish to make improvements.

Premier Choice Group will be attending Business Showcase South West to meet with more business professionals on Wednesday 19th June 2019. Not able to make it? No problem! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a meeting for another day.