Management in Practice Virtual Festival 2020: For those of you who didn’t make it to the first ever online MIP event, fear not – we’ll show you everything you missed. (4-minute read but lots of extra content!)

Now the reactive measures and ramifications of getting everyone working remotely have settled, you may be noticing there are still some opportunities to benefit your surgery, staff and patients. With the possibility that the imposed restrictions will likely stay in place in some form for the foreseeable future, and to ensure the changes and investments made are not wasted, now’s the time to get your comms solution fully optimised!

With our two decades of experience and industry specialism, Premier Patient Line has been able to accelerate into the COVID-19 landscape, supporting both new and existing GP Surgeries, Hubs, Federations, PCNs, CCGs and CSUs nationwide, even up against the ever-changing demands on the NHS.

Despite our rapid response, we haven’t just applied quick fixes but instead implemented flexible solutions to future-proof our customers, whatever that future may look like.

We are accustomed to working directly with individual sites as well as centralised practice networks looking to take advantage of integrated solutions and the cost benefits these efficiencies can bring. Our services have resulted in substantial improvements to patient access and as a result, we are rated the number one telephony supplier on Practice Index.

Management in Practice’s Virtual Festival:

In the absence of their five regional physical events, Management in Practice launched their first ever Virtual Festival at which Premier Patient Line was proud to be a headline sponsor. This cyber event ran from 19 October – 18 November 2020 and was designed to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to improve practice performance and efficiency, and to ensure that staff were up-to-date with recent and upcoming changes in the NHS and the law. The agenda featured themed webinars covering everything from tech and innovation to wellbeing and legislation.

Our virtual stand had a live chat with our consultancy team and contained all of the following information that we hope you will find useful. We also ran a symposium on Day 1 (19th October) entitled “The Work-From-Home Revolution” which was the most attended session of the entire event! The session takes viewers through the communications challenges that have arisen, particularly in the last six months, and the solutions, alterations and upgrades that have helped our customers overcome these effectively. It also shows the measures we put in place as a company to be everything our customers needed us to be in the current crisis. Watch the full video and the live Q&A that followed below.

Ultimately, we were there to help: whether the attending practice managers were looking for fully integrated hybrid or cloud-based communications solutions, we invited them (and now you) to contact us to explore unified communications and how it will work for you.

The Work-From-Home Revolution:

Live Q&A:

Other Useful Content:

We also provided a deck of resources that can be found around our website:

Video Testimonial:

Ayodele Alomoge, Practice Manager at Addiscombe Road Surgery, Croydon, speaks about the impact of COVID-19 on his surgery, staff and patients and how his telephony solution from Premier Choice has helped them overcome recent challenges. Addiscombe Road Surgery has drastically increased to 90% telephone triage and Ayo praises our “top notch” products and services as the practice benefits from the control they have over their cloud-based solution as well as the comprehensive call recording and the ability to monitor the platform remotely.

Next Steps

We invite our existing customers who would like to discuss anything mentioned above or enquire about a configuration specific to your requirements, to please contact your Account Manager on 020 3900 9495 or by emailing with the subject The WFH Revolution.

If you are not already a customer but would like to discuss your solution, please call us on 0800 048 4666 or email with the subject The WFH Revolution. Please do not be put off by the fact that you may be in contract with another supplier as we can still work with you if you wish to make improvements.