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If you need assistance changing the date and time, please email our Service Desk at premiersupport@daisycomms.co.uk


Video Transcript

How to change the date and time:

If the date and time are incorrect on your telephone system, you can change them by going to one of the large display phones. Without lifting the handset, press the PROGRAMME¬†key. Dial **1234, and you’ll see a prompt on the display with System Programme Number.

Dial 000, and then press the ENTER button. The date will show on the display. If you don’t need to change the date, just press the NEXT key on the display, and you’ll see the time.

Using the keypad, enter the hours and minutes, and then, to change the AM to PM, press the SELECT button on the display. Once the time is correct, press ENTER.

To exit programming, lift and replace the handset.

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