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If you need assistance with the iPECS UCE Desktop App, please email our Service Desk at premiersupport@daisycomms.co.uk


Video Transcript

How to Redial a Number:

Welcome to the iPECS UCE mobile application video for Windows desktop. If you haven’t set up your application yet, please refer to the UCE installation video for Windows.

Once you log into iPECS UCE, you’ll be presented with the home screen. On the left hand side of the screen, you can see different options for UCE, which will provide different features of the application.

To re-dial a number, select the phone icon. This shows your call log. Within the call log, you can see all calls, missed, incoming, outgoing and rejected calls. Under all calls, you can see a summary. The call type can be identified by the symbol next to the phone number.

To call a contact you can right click and choose to call any of their numbers listed in the directory.

If you have any questions regarding your UCE application, please contact your telephony provider.

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