b'The man with the plan:Our Managing Director, Nick StansfieldI started Premier Choice Telecom Ltd in July 2000. Having previously worked for a small independent telecoms company, I felt it was time to harness the valueable experience I had gained and take my own responsibility. My parents initially helped me financially with a loan of 5,000 to enable me to set up the business. I was operating from the back bedroom of my house with one engineer, one PC, one phone and a small printer, not to mention my first screaming child in the background who was only 2 at the time. It was challenging at the time but good grounding for what was to happen over the next 20 years.My focus from day one was to get out in front of business contacts and to create a solid client base through organic growth. In the early days (when I had a full head of hair) I did everything from sales through to provisioning and billing as well as helping the engineers with setting up telephone system installs. I worked hard and it showed when I was able to pay my parents back after just six months! I moved the business out of my back bedroom and into the Hurst Road office in 2003, which we outgrew in 2007. It was at this point we moved into our current premises in the heart of Sidcup, where we are supplemented by remote workers across the country.One of the key turning points was when Premier Choice transitioned from a dealer-based business (using third party suppliers to facilitate billing, credit control, system maintenance etc.) to a reseller environment with in-house skills to accommodate all areas of client expectations. Another critical decision was the on-boarding of my co-director, Neil Redding, more than 10 years ago, to enhance and deliver sales focus - which he has done and still does to this day.Success is ongoing and comes in different formats and timelines. There have been so many good times that its hard to identify just one but the best feelings are always seeing my staff grow and develop, and of course getting a sale agreed. Other highlights for me include achieving network partner sales incentive trips to Las Vegas (3 years running), Dubai and Portugal, on-boarding our first NHS trust as a client, on-boarding our first FTSE100 client, breaking 1 million revenue in a year, and the various partnerships and recognitions the company has accomplished along the way. We have a number of long-standing, loyal and dedicated staff who have been there through thick and thin, which I will be forever thankful for. Id like to acknowledge everyone who has contributed over the last 20 years to making this business the success it has become. My wish for the future is to continue building on the success we have and to ensure we continue to focus on new technologies, training, development and growth.Its been an incredible journey so far - heres to the next 20 years!'