b'Our timeline:A brief outline of our 20 yearsWe moved from the Hurst Road office Our firstto a bigger space and our current head office: FTSE100Premier House on Station Roadcustomer! We moved to Hurst RoadNeil Redding joined the - our first office! company to direct the sales function (and to become co-director in 2015)Revenue2011= 3.56m20092010Revenue = 3.6mRevenue =Revenue = 3m1.06 MILLION!2008Our first2007Revenue = 2.7m Revenue = 2.4m 2006Revenue = 1.9mcustomer!2003 2005 partnership officiated!Revenue = 691k2004Revenue = 906k2001Revenue 2002= 173k Revenue = 540k Jo joined the team 2000 Premier Choice Telecom Ltdand is still here as was founded! Head of Client Services'