Bonded Solution

A bonded solution combines multiple broadband connections (ADSL/fibre/ethernet) to provide a greater bandwidth than would otherwise be available.


see Basic Rate Interface

BT (British Telecom)

The UK’s largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services. They also provide subscription television and IT Services.


A bundle is a combination of inclusive services within a fixed cost. This could be text messages, minutes and data for a mobile device or a selection of cloud features for IP telephony (e.g. Voicemail, Busy Lamp Field and Call Queueing).

Busy Lamp Field

A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is when lights on a handset indicate if an extension connected to the same telephone system is engaged.


Call Barring

Call barring prevents users from dialling selected destinations such as international or premium rate numbers. This can be applied at a system or network level and can be reversed on request.

Call Blocking

Call blocking is the function of automatically rejecting incoming calls from certain numbers.

Call Deflection

Call deflection is a feature that automatically redirects and incoming call to an alternative destination (e.g. a mailbox or another extension) when the called endpoint is engaged.

Call Detail Record

A Call Detail Record (CDR) is a data file containing information about recent usage on the phonelines (e.g. origin, endpoint, duration or cost) made via and endpoint.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature that diverts incoming calls to another endpoint (e.g. another extension, a mailbox or a mobile number). The divert can be applied to forward all calls or programmed to only forward calls when busy or if the call goes unanswered.

Call Logging

Call logging is the function of capturing statistics about both incoming and outgoing call traffic which can then be used for analysis and reporting with call management software. Call data can be viewed in its entirety or filtered by number or extension.

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