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Communications Provider

An organisation that provides telephony services, e.g. Premier Choice.

Communications Service Provider

A Communications Service Provider (CSP) handles the electronic transmission of information.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a software that brings together your customer database and your telephones, enabling features like click-to-dial, screen popping and text messaging services.


Conferencing occurs when more than two telephone users join into a single call. Users can dial in to a conferencing destination or one participant can dial another and connect them into the call.

Connected Line Presentation

Connected Line Presentation (COLP) is a feature whereby the caller is presented with the CLI of the user they have connected to, where this is not the number originally dialled. This is a chargeable service from the network provider and requires compatible equipment.

Contact Centre

A contact centre is a fully integrated customer-centric communication hub. Agents handle calls with merged with other media sources such as CRM applications.


Contention is where two or more nodes compete to transmit data at the same time. The contention protocol defines the rate of service in this situation. A network with zero-contention means there is no competition for transmission and the entire bandwidth is solely available for use by the network user.


Convergence is the interlinking of multiple voice and data technologies and solutions into a single network.


see Class of Service


see Communications Provider


see Customer Premise Equipment

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