Call Management

Call management software facilitates analysis and reporting on the call statistics captured by a call logger.

Call Park

A call park is a feature whereby a user can place a call on hold which can be retrieved from any extension.

Call Queueing

Call queueing is where the calls are placed in a virtual queue in the order in which they are received before they can be answered by an available call handler. Some call queueing software enables position announcements, music on hold, marketing messages and the functionality to request a ring-back.

Call Recording

Call recording is the process of capturing both inbound and outbound conversations as digital audio files. Recorded calls are stored and may be searched with multiple criteria.

Calling Line Identity

A Calling Line Identity (CLI) is the telephone number associated with a line. This can be presented or withheld when a call is made and a user can choose to present an alternative CLI.

Calling Line Identity Presentation

Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) is when the telephone number is provided to the call recipient.

Calling Line Identity Restriction

Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) is when the telephone number is withheld from the call recipient.


A carrier is a telecommunications service provider that owns their own network, e.g. BT or Gamma.

Carrier Pre-Selection

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) is the process of routing calls via a service provider’s chosen network.


Category 5 or CAT5 (or CAT5e) is the specification for the transmission performance of an ethernet data cable but is frequently used to describe structured cabling routing voice and data circuits to wall sockets within a building. CAT5/5e transmission can be up to 100MHz.


Category 6 or CAT6 is an upgrade to CAT5/5e cable enabling performance of up to 250MHz compared to 100MHz with CAT5/5e. CAT6 is backwards compatible with CAT5/5e ethernet cables.


Category 7 or CAT7 is used for Gigabit Ethernet cabling infrastructure offering transmission performance up to 600MHz.

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